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Created by refining metal ore in a forge.
— In-game Description

Metal Ingots are a resource used for almost all high level weapons and construction. 1 Metal Ingot is created by smelting 2 Metal in the Refining Forge or Industrial Forge. The fastest way to produce Metal Ingots is in the Industrial Forge, which smelts 40 Metal into 20 Metal Ingots at once in 20 seconds. Both Metal and Metal Ingots have a weight of one, so it is more efficient to smelt the metal before transporting it. Unless using an argentavis carrying ankylosaurus, in which case carrying raw metal is more effective. The argentavis gets a 50% reduction and the ankylosaurus gets a 75% reduction.

1 Metal Ingot is combined with 3 Silica Pearls in the Fabricator to produce Electronics.