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Were it not restricted to the waters, Carcharodon Ultramegalodon might be the most dangerous creature on the island.

As powerful and dangerous at the Tyrannosaurus is on land, Megalodon is its equal in the water. In addition, it has a speed advantage over any non-aquatic creature.


As far as I know, no one had been able to tame a Carcharodon Ultramegalodon. Were someone to tame one, that person would be the undisputed ruler of the oceans around the island, and would have access to resources no one else can safely find!

Megalodons need large quantities of food to sustain themselves, so they attack most creatures immediately on sight. Smaller fish are the sole exception I've seen; I believe this is because they cost more energy for Megalodons to catch than they would gain.

— The Dossier

The Megalodon (Meh-gah-low-don) is a medium sized carnivorous shark that can be found throughout the waters of the Ark. The Megalodon was known to be one of the most powerful predators in vertebrate history, defeating one can yield the illustrious Megalodon Tooth as a trophy of the players victory over such a beast.

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800px-Sharky Size.png

Resembling nothing less than an oversized great white shark, Megalodon is the most common of the large, dangerous predators in the oceans of ARK. The ones in ARK appear to be based on the minimum estimates for the monster shark's maximum size (16m), which is still slightly above their estimated average size.

Color Scheme and Regions

Region 0: Body


Region 1: None

Region 1 is not used for this creature.

Region 2: None

Region 2 is not used for this creature.

Region 3: None

Region 3 is not used for this creature.

Region 4: Stripes


Region 5: Belly



Megalodons will stay in the deeper waters unless attacking prey, but even then they rarely enter shallow areas. They are aggressive and can swim faster than most creatures, including the player. They also aggro on a player from a very long distance, therefore it is not uncommon that the player suddenly has to deal with multiple Megalodons at once.


The Megalodon will spawn anywhere within a body of water from the ocean, deep riverbanks and even around underwater cave entrances as long as the water depth is sufficient for them to spawn.


The Megalodon has a very large aggro range, and it is well recommended to stay in shallow waters to fish/swim.

It is possible to tame a Megalodon, but a player must be ready to spend up to 2 hours, if not longer, to tame. Prime meat is very useful in taming this creature. Try to lure them into shallower water, though it is very difficult since they turn around when they get to the edges of shallower land.

Knock them out with either the slingshot (number currently unknown) or tranq arrows (have at least 20 on hand). Resist from melee attacks as it is both difficult to punch without sustaining damage and it swims faster than most players (unless they have their O2 levels highly boosted).

Wild Mega's will attack tamed Mega's. It is suggested to use at least Wooden Fence Foundation and Wooden Walls to block a bay or inlet as a "safe haven" for your aquatic mounts. Try to accomplish this before you go to tame one, because acquiring resources can be a long process. The Megalodon Saddle engram is unlocked at level 45 and requires 18 Engram Points to unlock.




  • Unlike many creatures on the Island, wild Megalodons commonly attack each other, though they will attack in a group if prey appears nearby.
  • Megalodons spawn in all waters of the outer sea. They do not spawn in rivers, but can be brought there while chasing prey (be it a player, tamed or wild creature). One unusual location where Megalodons can be found are waters around the red Obelisk, mostly because of two wide connections with the sea.
  • Strangely, the dossier for this creature states; "Were it not restricted to the waters, Carcharodon ultramegalodon might be the most dangerous creature on the island." This is likely an exaggeration, as it has only half the health of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which is stated to be the most powerful creature on the island. It also has less health and damage than Spinosaurus. The most capable waterborne predator is Mosasaurus.
  • Megalodons do not fit through the normal Dinosaur Gateway.
  • An Ichthyosaurus can easily outrun a Megalodon.
  • Megalodon cannot be tracked by Transponder Nodes.

Patch Changes

  • Before Patch 183.2, tamed Megalodons could be beached and killed if the player riding them was not careful.
  • Before Patch 175.0, wild Megalodons could beach themselves and die.

Trivia not relevant for the game

  • Note: Can NOT jump out of water, even though the picture shows it doing so.


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