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Here is another creature that seems to have evolved beyond its historic traits. Everything points to this being a saltwater ray, but Manta Mobula has developed the ability to swim into the island's rivers and shallows, as well as through the ocean. Perhaps there were originally two types of rays on the island before, but years of interbreeding combined their lineage.

Normally docile, the Manta Mobula is a carnivore only in that it consumes plankton.

Its tail is incredibly sharp, and can pierce through hide and armor with ease.

Fortunately, Manta Mobula is usually not aggressive, unless encroached.


While not the fastest swimmer around the island, Manta Mobula is among the deadliest of small ocean mounts, and can be ridden bare-back. Tribes who value striking power over speed often keep large schools of Manta to ride. Its capability to briefly leap out of water provides it a showy tactic for avoiding combat as well.

A quick jab through the heart of an unsuspecting survivor can easily take them by surprise. Thusly, many tribes use it as an escort for their slower cargo-carrying swimmers.

— The Dossier

The Manta (Man-ta) is a medium size carnivorous fish found in the oceans of the Ark.

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The Manta is an odd-looking fish that lives in the island's deeper offshore waters. A wide-bodied plankton-eater with distinctive trailing barbules, Manta mobula is nevertheless a dangerous creature due to the barbed stinger it carries on its tail. Between this weapon and its fast swimming speed, they are rarely bothered by larger predators.


While its dossier describes the manta to be a docile creature, it is actually anything but docile. Simply swimming near them is reason enough for them to attack the player. They also seem to actively seek out their prey, as tamed aquatic creatures 'parked' near the coast will be regularly attacked by them as well. Mantas usually swim together in groups of three.





  • The dossier was revealed on September 16, 2015.
  • The Manta is unable to swim on the sand.
  • Among fish, Mantas have the largest brain relative to their body size.
  • Despite the dossier saying the Manta can be ridden bareback, it has a saddle.
  • At release, some Manta spawn upside down or even sideways. They can be tamed and ridden upside down. There is no known way to 'flip' them the right way.

Trivia not relevant for the game

  • Real-life Mantas are gentle giants which lack stingers.
  • The Dossier mentions "A quick jab through the heart." This might be a reference to Australian wildlife expert, television personality, and conservationist Steve Irwin (nicknamed "The Crocodile Hunter"), who died when a stingray barb pierced his chest.
  • Despite the dossier saying it eats plankton, they will kill and eat animals (and players) that wander into their waters from land.
  • The species name mobula may refer to the prehistoric ray Paramobula, which was initially believed to be a member of the Manta family. It may also be a reference to the ray genus Mobula.


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