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The Mangarmr is large cat-like bio-organic animal in ARK: Survival Evolved found in the Extinction map in the frost biome. It can be regarded as to be one of the most difficult creatures to tame due to its evasive movements.


The Managarmr is a large bio-organic animal found in Extinction. It is unique that it has cybornetic-like components exposed under it's body. It has the ability to glide and fly similar to a jet plane given it has jets on its back feet. It can also be a very evasive type as it can quickly dodge in any direction.

When tamed, it requires a saddle. Once mounted, the Player can use the Managamr's airborne abilities. These however are very short lived due to the large cost of stamina used to fly. The Managarmr is capable of a long and quick forward dash that allows it to travel at great speeds. The distance and speed is dependent on the invest of points into stamina and movement speed. This attack is mainly used as a ground pound attack that deals AOE damage. Another unique ability the creature has the ability to use a frost breath attack. This attack deals damage over time with the chance of freezing a target in place for a time.


The Managarmr appears to be part cyborg as it has wiring under it body. It has small patch of silver fur. Being an aviation type it has two aqua blue wings flaps on its arms. Parts of its skin appear to have a rainbow colored reflection on it.


  • Claws
  • Bite
  • Downward thrust
  • Frost breath
  • Dive bomb


It is unclear if the Managarmr is a cyborgnetic like being or bio-organic.

The Managarmr has a similar appearance to that of a dragon